1.  Breedplan Test Plan

2.  Completeness of Performance Criteria

3.  Percentile Table

4.  How to interpret the EBV

5. A  Body Conditioning Scoring

5. B  SA Brahman Docility Scoring Method

5. C  Sheath / Navel Scoring Method

6.  Submitting online registrations and performance data

7.  Schedule O Form

8.  Brahman Genotyping

9.  "B" Brand Rules and Procedures

Brahman Breed Improvement Mission:

  Take the Brahman Breed forward into the age of Genomics
  Collect relevant scientific data
  Encourage Performance Recording
  Improve the fertility of the National Herd
  Improve the Brahman Breed through inspection and training of Breeders
  Training of Commercial Producers and Emerging Farmers

The Breed can only be improved if we know what needs to change

Performance Recording will assist us to find these answers. Not only do we need to know what to change to improve our product, but we need to identify animals carrying the genetics needed to supply a specific product to our various markets.

In order to find these animals, we need to know the genetic merit of each animal. EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) are expressions of this genetic merit for each trait for an animal.


Submission of WEAN WEIGHTS

  Click here for the Excel spreadsheet - Submitting Weights & Scanning Information

●  Take WEANING weights from 80 to 300 days (more or less 3 to 9 months)
●  Weigh as many animals as possible on one date/day, i.e. donít weigh them as they are removed from their mothers.
●  Donít estimate the weights; round them to the nearest kilogram.
●  If some of the calves are treated differently than the rest, mark the weights of those animals with a management code. Eg. If there is a sick calf as well as a
    show calf in the group, mark the weight of the sick calf with an S and the weight of the show calf with a SK. These codes will put the weights in different groups
    in the analysis, and prevent the calves from being compared directly with each other or the others in the group.
●  If possible, also take the weights of the dams of the calves you weighed.
●  Complete the performance information on the required forms (HerdMaster, Excel spreadsheet of Office weigh form) and send electronically (if possible) to the

  Click here for the Breedplan Test Plan

Weighing lists are available at the office on request.  Contact (051) 446 4619 / info@brahman.co.za

●  Only bulls, 24 months and older, active and registered, may be presented.
●  The principles of the Standard of Excellence must be applied during the physical inspection according to the Score Card system (Done by Breed- or Senior
●  The dam of the bull may have a maximum ICP of 550 days.
●  From 2018 the bull must have a wean weight on record.


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