Excellent ARC Farmers’ Day 2018

On the 23rd of November 2018, more than 120 farmers and other enthusiasts attended an ARC Information Day at the Irene campus, where the topic of Partnerships for Sustainable Beef Cattle Development was discussed.

The key speakers were Mr Cois Harman and Mr Christopher Sparks, both successful stud breeders. Mr Harman is a breeder of Braunvieh cattle, and Mr Sparks is a Brangus breeder.

Mr Frans Jordaan attended to present a lecture on how to apply performance information to select for a more efficient heifer herd.

The Brahman Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa was elected to represent one of four breeds that had the opportunity to take part in the practical program. We presented an overview of the Brahman’s strengths and also discussed the Brahman breed’s adaptability; which is very relevant in today’s changing climate. Questions were answered regarding the well-known Brahman hybrid vigour, present in Zebu types, as well as queries regarding the economical value of the F1 Brahman cross female. This female remains unsurpassed in the world due to the fact that more growth, milk, fertility and a better-quality carcass is produced for progeny bred from these Brahman cross-females.

The breeds exhibited included the Brahman, Boran, Afrikaners and Simbra breeds.
Young Brahman bulls of Mr. Wessel Hatting, from the Welcare Brahman stud, which had just finished their Nett Feed (RFI) tests and were used in the practical session to demonstrate the functionality of a Brahman bull. The excellent test results for these bulls were explained.

The attendees presented really good questions regarding Brahman issues throughout the day, and were very enthusiastic!

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