Mothering Ability in Brahman Cattle Part 2

Mothering ability may be one of the most important traits when it comes to selecting genetics for your breeding herd. This term is used to describe the natural instinct that the cow has towards protecting and rearing a healthy and lively calf until it is of weaning age. Mothering ability is influenced by a number of factors, such as genetics and environment, and it is widely accepted that a cow’s mothering ability is directly related with the growth rate of her calf, and its weight at weaning. Here we discuss why the Brahman cow makes an excellent mother.

Milk Yield

Brahman cattle are highly adaptive to the environment, and are able to withstand high temperatures and hot climates that other breeds may not. It has been found that Brahman mothers are able to supply their calves with a large amount of good quality milk, even when environmental temperatures are high.


It is well known that Brahman cows make fantastic mothers due to their protective natures. Although the Brahman breed has a generally docile and easy-going temperament, a mother with a young calf nearby will go any length to ensure that her calf is safe.

Preweaning Gain

Although Brahman calves are born smaller than most European breeds, they have a tremendously fast growth rate, and wean at weights similar to the other breeds.

Brahman cows also produce larger calves at weaning, have a higher conception rate and a longer reproductive lifespan, with some cows still producing calf at 15 years of age, which enables her to raise more young. She is also able to conceive despite adverse environment, such as hot weather and lack of water.

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